Other Services

We are available for seminars/workshops on any of the schools and weapons that we teach. (See the weapons and schools section of this website.)

We offer lectures on a variety of aspects of fencing history, such as dueling customs, weapons design and function, national systems, training etiquette, as well as the socio-cultural environment in which these existed. Lectures can include visual accompaniment (i.e., digital slideshows) and can be combined with live demonstrations. Contact us to discuss your organization's interests.

We are available for live demonstrations pertaining to the history, culture, and techniques of European swordsmanship. In the past we have held demonstrations on a variety of television programs, as well as for museums, educational institutions, performing arts centers, historical sites, and various other venues.

Past demonstrations have included:

  • Aston Magna Academy at Rutgers University
  • CBS
  • History Channel - Museum Secrets
  • Lincoln Center
  • Wallace Collection in London
  • Higgins Armory Museum
  • Jarvis Conservatory

We are available to consult on any aspect of fencing, fencing history or weapons. We have experience consulting for educational departments at colleges and universities (theater, history, physical education, etc.), historical accuracy for stage and screen, as well as for historians and writers.

Contact the manager for specific information and costs.