Private Instruction

Traditionally, fencing masters provided instruction to students on a one-to-one basis. In this manner, training was personalized to the individual’s needs and aptitudes. Group classes were a much later development, emerging in the nineteenth century as a part of fencing instruction in national military academies. While group classes can be an effective method of teaching, they limit the master's ability to focus on each student's particular needs. At the Martinez Academy we use a unique method of teaching to attend to each individual within our group classes, but we also recommend private instruction where we can more fully target each student's strengths and weaknesses. This can be accomplished through private classes, short-term training, or plastron lessons.
Traditionally fencing masters have been a fount of socio-cultural and historical knowledge. Coming from a traditional lineage we are also a rare resource for related services.

This lesson takes its name from the thick leather or canvas padded chest protector that the master wears in order to receive repeated hits from his students. In this lesson, the master refines the form and its function, sharpens the student's technical ability, visual perception, and reasoning ability. These lessons are usually of short duration and of high intensity because the master seeks to improve upon a few specific needs at a time. The lessons proceed from simple to complex.

The Martinez Academy offers private classes for one, two or four students. Private classes run for one hour increments and can cover much more detail than general group classes. These classes allow the student to receive more personalized attention and specifically target the student’s individual goals.

Short term training is available for students who cannot attend the Academy on a regular basis. Those students who undertake this type of training must be able to commit to extended periods of time. This requires one-week intensives at a minimum. This training consists of attending the regular weekly classes and private instruction during the day. We offer a variety of hourly options and will tailor the instruction to suit the student’s needs.